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All of our puppies include:

  •  AKC Registration 

  •  NuVet Vitamin sample 

  •  1 year Health Guarantee 

  •  All required Vaccinations 

  •  Health Certificate 

  •  Puppy Kit 


We offer 24/7 support to all of our customers, for all our puppies, for life!

Understanding French Bulldog Puppy Rare Colors?

Here at Silverblood Frenchies you are sure to find the exotic French bulldog puppy of your dreams, with rare exotic colors and patterns like tan points or merles and even fluffy french bulldogs. Some of these exotic French bulldog colors that we produce and have available for sale include:

  • Blue French bulldogs: Blue frenchies are basically black dogs whose coats have been diluted to blue by the recessive dilute gene. The blues looks gray to dark grayish in color and are the first and most popular of the rare colors. Their DNA apears as (dd).

  • Blue and Tan Frenchies: This is a blue dog with tan points in specific areas. Eyebrows, cheeks, legs and chest are the main area where these "points" appear. Their DNA appears as (at/a, or at/at).

  • Merle French bulldog: This spotted look is a very fancy, unique and desirable currently. The merle gene is dominant and can come in any of the many colors in the french bulldog breed. Depending on their base color, they can come in many varieties such as lilac merle, blue merle, chocolate merle, blue fawn merle and isabella merle. Merle frenchies for sale.

  • Chocolate French bulldog: Chocolate French bulldogs are also considered exotic. They are now more widely known as (coco) since the previously unidentified recessive gene has been identified. This coat will appear brownish and usually gives puppies beautiful golden to greenish eyes.

  • Cream French bulldogs: Cream colored dogs are a light cream shade and eventually develop darker coloring around their lips, eyes, nose and paw pads as they mature.

  • Platinum French bulldog: A platinum frenchie is any rare colored french bulldog covered in cream. These dogs will display an apparent dilution in their lips, eyes, nose and paw pads while still cream covered. These dogs are highly desirable for their exotic appearance and for their ability to produce many other rare and exotic colors.

  • Lilac French bulldog: This lilac color is so unique and very attractive. This color occurs when a dog that either is or carrier both blue and chocolate (coco) is bred with a dog with similar DNA. This puppy will carry two copies of the blue (dd) dilute gene and two copies of chocolate (coco). Lilac frenchies for sale.

  • Isabella French bulldog: Isabella frenchies are stunning and extremely beautiful. This is arguably the most rare of all the french bulldog exotic colors and thus the most valuable. Currently we have isabella french bulldogs for sale. These frenchies will carry 2 copies of the exclusive "testable chocolate" gene better known as "isabella". Not only that but they will also carry two copies of the (dd) as the diluting agent to turn this "rojo" chocolate into the lighter "Isabella" color. Another important thing to note is that the Isabella french bulldog breaks down into 3 specific color/DNA classifications. The Rojo variety, which is an isabella dog that has (bb) but not (dd) or diluted will be a dark rich chocolate color. The most recognized Isabella variety is an isabella dog that has both (bb) and (dd) making it the typical, most recognized light champagne Isabella color. Finally the last is called the New Shade Isabella french bulldog or true lilac isabella. This dog looks very much like a typical isabella but carries all the diluted genes including testable chocolate (bb), cocoa (coco) and blue or dilute (dd).

  • Fluffy French bulldogs: Fluffy french bulldog puppies are the most expensive and most amazing frenchies in the world. They are all the rage currently due to their highly exotic appearance and fancy, luxurious, fluffy coats. These long haired frenchies are identical to a standard short hair frenchie with one very obvious difference. Their coats are very FLUFFY! These babies will get fluffier as they mature and will be head turners for sure! As far as the french bulldog breed is concerned, the most prevalent genes that offer this exotic look are the L1 and L4 lon-haired genes. The dog must possess 2 copies of each or mixed and will produce the same results. So, a fluffy french bulldog may have the following DNA to be a full visual fluffy french bulldog: (L1L1), (L4L4) or (L1L4) Fluffy french bulldog puppies for sale.

  • Pied French bulldogs: Pied french bulldogs are not exactly a color but rather a color pattern. These dogs may be of any color and hair type. These dogs are typically mostly white with another base color such as blue, chocolate, lilac, isabella, merle or fluffy. Many dislike the pied look while others request them specifically. The pied look can sometimes give french bulldogs a flashy look and is a matter of preference.

  • Big Rope French bulldogs: Big Rope french bulldogs or "Big-Rope Frenchies" are very unique looking french bulldogs with a distinct physical difference. The overall body and appearance between a standard french bulldog and a real Big-Rope french bulldog are practically identical. The only difference is that the Big-Rope frenchie has a beautiful thick, heavy "rope" over its nose. This gives them a very bold and impressive appearance that makes them very attractive and desirerable. Since the "big-rope" trait is not specific to any color, then come in every french bulldog imaginable including big rope isabella frenchies. In fact, there are several fluffy big rope frenchies out there now. They are all 100% french bulldogs and contrary to false online claims, they have zero health issues associated with breathing or otherwise. Their beautiful facial big rope in no way impedes their ability to breathe. We'll have big-rope french bulldog puppies available very soon!

  • Isabella Fluffy French bulldogs: If you are lucky enough to own one of these extremely rare and exotic frenchies, then you must know how fortunate you are. By basically combining the best of both worlds in coat color (isabella) and coat type (fluffy) you will get the absolute most gorgeous, valuable and exotic dog in the world! A long haired visual fluffy Isabella frenchie is worth its weight in gold! :)

Selecting The Ideal French Bulldog Puppy

So, once you and your loved ones make the decision to add a frenchie family member to your squad, you'll need to make sure you find the right furry friend. The first thing you'll need to do is find a reputable and knowledgeable french bulldog breeder. Silverblood Frenchies is not new to "the game". We have been breeding and raising these gorgeous creatures for over 10 years now. We have acquired the experience and knowledge over the years that many new puppy parents wished their breeder had. Every single one of our puppies we sell come with lifetime 24 hour support for their Silverblood Frenchies Puppy for life! Feel free to check out our testimonials page to hear from just a handful of our previous happy customers.

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