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French bulldog exotic colors and DNA

There are many different exotic colors available within the French bulldog breed. The most exotic and most valuable of the mall could likely be a Isabella color. It is certainly the most desirable one available in the market today. In addition to color you also have markings and hair types. Above you will see a picture of our Isabella and tan visual fluffy stud as a puppy. He also carries two copies of cocoa (coco) and two copies of brown which is better known as the Isabella color (bb) along with two copies of dilute better known as the gene responsible for producing blue (dd). By carrying two copies of both coco and rojo, he's considered a NEW SHADE Isabella and tan fluffy. This DNA gives him the ability to produce blue, lilac, Rojo and Isabella, all with the long hair "fluffy" gene.

The fluffy gene will always add value to a French bulldog. The long hair or love the gene is responsible for creating longer hair along the ears, legs and back of the French bulldog. Fluffy French bulldogs are also very desirable and come a higher price tag. Other very French bulldog colors such as the merle gene are very desirable and sought after.

Our NEW SHADE Isabella and tan fluffy boy PROMO CODE Will be available for stud service in a few short months. Contact Silverblood Frenchies for more information on this beautiful boy to produce beautiful fluffy French bulldog puppies of your own.


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